Festival Competitions

‘Fancy’ Cheesecake Competition (Amateurs Only)

Saturday 17 June 2017
Details TBA

Fancy a cheesecake? Join us at this year’s ‘Fancy’ Cheesecake Competition at the Cheese Lovers Festival where amateur entrants will be competing.

Entrants will have a chance to win $1000 in cash and prizes. Five lucky attendees will get a chance to taste the top three cheesecakes, judged by Celebrity Chef and Cheesemaker Nick Haddow and guest judges.

For insurance purposes, a Food Handling Certificate is required to participate in the competition.

For more information and registration, please contact admin@cheeseloversfestival.com.au

Judging Criteria

Appearance (20 points) We eat with our eyes first, so does the cheesecake look appetising and entice you to taste it?

Flavour (30 points) This always has to be the most important attribute – food should be delicious!

Authenticity/Innovation (10 points) Is the cheesecake innovative but does that also work in terms of flavour and appearance? Are the ingredients or cooking style innovative? Alternatively, if it is a traditional style, is it authentic to that tradition?

Consistency (20 points) Is one part of the cheesecake as good as the next? Is the texture consistent throughout? Or, there may be different textures but is each consistent?

Quality of finish (10 points) Is it beautifully finished all round? Has it been presented well?

Likeability (10 points) Is there something which has the judge wanting to come back for more. Has it got the amazing cheesecake factor?